Saturday, August 10, 2013

Insta-Coasters...and a little living room update.

A few weeks ago we drove out to Ft. Riley Kansas to visit my bestie and her family.  There's a whole lotta not much between here and Kansas, y'all.  We're talking out in the sticks.  I mean, what was General Custer thinking...

We really had the best time.  Makes me want to move to Kansas for a few years just to keep hanging out with some of the coolest people we know.  Here we are looking appropriately festive for the 4th of July...

One day we headed two hours away (!) to the "big city" - Kansas City.  We tooled around and ended up at one sweet antique market kind of thing.  While we were digging through all the treasures, JP handed me a tile and said, "You'd like this."  He was correct!  So I got five more.  Actually six more (totaling seven) because the dear lady at the cash register couldn't count, and rather than try to get my money back (all whopping $1.50 of it) I just grabbed one more.

 Aren't they adorable?  And to think that pig would still be sitting in a bin in Kansas City if that woman had charged me the correct amount...  What a travesty that would have been.

Fasten your seatbelts.  Here comes a very detailed, step-by-step tutorial for making tiles into coasters.  I know.  You've been waiting your whole life for this.

Grab some sticky rubber things from your nearest home improvement store:

And stick them on.

Ya got all that?  If you need to scroll back up for a refresher, I understand.

I love them!  I think they have a lot more character than the ones I was using.  And whose coffee table couldn't stand a little more character?

 At that same shop, I found this tiny bust of Beethoven.  For seven big ones, how could I pass him up?  He is however, a bit more scary looking than I remember him being.  Just don't look directly into his eyes...

When I was taking this picture, I remembered I forgot to tell you about a little addition to our living room.  Meet our new buffet, a la Craigslist!

Staring at the back of our couch while coming in the door and up the stairs was getting pretty old.  I really love it!  I don't necessarily love that it looks like that bird is about to eat Beethoven's head, though...  A work in progress, I'd say.

Speaking of a work in progress, my son is screaming rather than taking a nap, so I'll quit rambling.  Go make something into a coaster!


  1. I miss you and your amazing bust. Please come back.

    1. I would say back atchya, but you don't HAVE a tiny bust like I do, soooo.... I just miss you.