Thursday, July 28, 2011

Introductions are in order!

And so it begins. My blogging life. I. Am. Thrilled. No, really! I am intimidated by feeling as though I need to keep up with one more thing, but I know we'll always look back at these days as the very best in our life.

Here we are:

We're 28, and inexperienced as all get out in home improvement. I love to cook, Anthony loves to eat. We're a match made in heaven. We've been married four years next month!

Here is our abode:

This puppy still needs a lot o' work. But it's coming!

We live here with two wild animals:

This is Darcy. Darcypants, the Darceface, YOU RIDICULOUS DOG...she goes by a plethora of handles.

Hobbes thinks her name is on our mortgage. She mistakenly believes she rules the roost. In all reality, she is here to entertain the dog. Also, she is to be cute. Those are her responsibilities.
We all get along pretty famously. And THIS is the story of our lives (cue the sweeping, emotional violin music).


  1. Dear Anna,
    This makes me smile! Can't wait to read TOMORROW'S post!
    Your faithful first follower and beloved bestie,