Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where to Begin....

I suppose I should start taking you through the house!  We'll start with the kitchen.  Probably my favorite room...seeing as that's where the food is stored.  When we moved in, it looked like this:

What's not to love, right?  It was more like, "Well.  I could be worse!  I bet that wallpaper will just fall right off.  And we can afford all new counter tops and appliances and cabinets, right?  Sure!  This is our first house!  We'll be fine."  A year later, we're still working on some of that, but here's the "After" (we'll have to talk about the process on another day...)

I threw in that last picture of Darcy so perhaps you wouldn't notice I don't have a picture of the other side of the kitchen.  Let's not get caught up in the details, people!  Embrace the suspense.

Still some work to be done in there, but that's what we've got so far.  I feel like this is where the expert bloggers would throw in some thought-inducing questions, like "Anybody else over-hauling their kitchen these days?" or "Who else hates painting cabinets as much as I do?" something along those lines.  I guess I'll leave that to the real bloggers for now...


  1. Complete beautifulness!!! I hadn't seen the little breakfast area/shelving before. . .love it. (Is that what you call it?) Makes me really wish we lived down the street from each other, though. I need to drink some tea out of those awesome white cups hanging from your shelf :(

  2. Yes. I refer to it daily as "The Little Breakfast Area/Shelving", or TLBAS for short :) And I agree that you should live here - there's a house for sale across the street!