Saturday, August 6, 2011

Garage Saling. It's What We Do.

One fateful Saturday morning, my friend Faith and I intreated our husbands to go garage saling with us.  Very reluctantly, they did.  Anthony wanted a stereo system...and that very morning, he found a receiver and two speakers for under $20.  He. Was. Hooked.  I created a monster.  Every Saturday morning he is nothing if not RARING to go.  This morning he literally did an incredibly accurate imitation of a velociraptor around my side of the bed until I opened my eyes.  I wouldn't lie about something this serious.

Most of our friends and family are aware of this serious addiction we have formed, and often ask, "What in the world do you buy?".  The answer on many occasions is nothing.  We may come home with a book or a picture frame.  Wop wop.  Or we may load our car up to the max!  I think that's really why Anthony likes's an adventure.  You never know what you'll find. 

Ninety percent of the time we go out looking for something in particular - and we normally find it!  This morning we set off in search of seating.  We had ten people at our house yesterday evening and realized a little too late, that we didn't have ten chairs that we could pull up to a table.  Soooo...we wanted to find something that we could fold up and throw in our storage closet to have on hand for just such an occasion.  Enter, Garage Sale #2.  We got two fold-up stools that were completely perfect.  Here's the other stuff we picked up along the way:

Thrilling, no?  Not bad for about $25 in my opinion.  That marble end table is pretty cool...I've been looking for an end table, and my house runs a little too modern for my taste sometimes, so I thought this might set things back a notch.  I may have to spruce up that brass a little, though.

I got five of those drawer pulls.  We've been needing something desperately for the guest bathroom.  They were all in the original packaging and we got them all for a dollar.  The bowl is for Hobbes.  She keeps swatting her plastic bowl off the dryer and into the waiting mouth of Darcy.  Hopefully the heavier bowl with the grippy stuff on the bottom, will make that daily ritual slightly more challenging.  The cheese plate...well that's just awesome.  And a dollar.

We have no children at the moment, however, I'm a sucker for vintage toys!  I'm sure our friend's kids will enjoy this addition to our Tinker Toys collection.

Despite the plethora of free music all over the internet, Anthony still picks up CD's at garage sales.  Sigh.  He promises to throw them away after he loads them onto the computer.  Likely story.  The clay pot is for my new house plant.  Hopefully I can get it transplanted in there before I kill it.

That's it for the day!  That's the magic of the yard sale. 


  1. Niiice!!! I'm especially jealous about the lincoln logs. . .

  2. Why don't we ever go with you?! We would have had quite the altercation over that marble it! Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)