Thursday, November 10, 2011

I call it art

If you're far too fancy and cultured for your own good, you may call it scrapbook paper cut into shapes and glued in a frame.  It's true!  Your 1st grader could probably do this, but I happen to like it.  And if YOU happen to like it and you have a first grader handy, you're set!

You'll need: scrapbook paper, scissors, glue (any ol' kind will work), a shadow box and that kid aforementioned (I used myself in lieu of this item).  Minus the kid, you will need to harken back to your first-grade-valentine's-day-card-making-skills...and start cutting out hearts!  I made a template so all my hearts would be the same size.

Then, I wanted to make some smaller flowers, so I downsized my large template.

Just cut out as many heart petals as you like.

 Now, start gluing!  Mine (obviously) was far from exact.  Once it's behind glass it'll look like a masterpiece.

Now let it dry.  Pop it in the frame.  And display it proudly! 


See?  Glorious, eh?  Well, it's cheap anyway...


  1. Okay, so now I need to make one of those, too. . . I need more hours in my day!!! BTW, I am TOTALLY loving some of those other pictures on your shelves, as well :) And, I'm glad to see the cool tree one passed inspection as well =o)

  2. I thought you might like my shelves ;) And yes! Anthony didn't love the tree at first, but it's grown on him. Now to get a mat that fits...

  3. GREAT job!! I love it. This is on my DIY list..on Pinterest.