Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Garland

I can see you.  Sitting there.  Twiddling your thumbs.  Wondering why I'm doing another pom-pom craft.  Wondering if pom-pom is spelled correctly (I googled it.  Martha Stewart spells it opposed to pom pom, pom-pon, or pompom, sooooo we're going with that one).  Wondering if pom-poms are for everyone.

Well I'll tell you!  There are!  Go make one (or eighty).  You'll thank me. 

Christmas garland is on the agenda today.  Apparently (according to Pinterest) garland is the thing to do these days.  I thought about pinecones and felt balls and ornaments, then of course, I came back to my favorite...little fluffy pom-poms (plus I already had yarn).  Now if you recall, I went through this process with my pom-pom flowers, but I'm going to share again.  Just because it's that much fun.  Here we go.
Start by wrapping yarn around your fingers.  I was going for pretty small pom-poms for this project, so I used two fingers and only wrapped them twenty-five times.

Slide your little yarn conglomeration of your fingers, and cut a threeish inch length of yarn to tie around the middle.

Like the way I switched up the colors on ya there?  Ok. Now cut the loops.

It's gonna look a little wonky at first.

Just fluff 'er up and trim the long strings until you have a roundish shape.  Some of mine are more "ish" than round, but that's something we can all buck up and get past, I believe.

Next up, make them into a garland!  I would think there are myriads of different ways to accomplish this, but I decided to use twine and a big fat needle.  I found these at JoAnn's.

It's pretty important that you get the "European Quality".  Nobody wants to get stuck with "Midwestern American Quality" or "Tanzanian Quality". 

Here's my twine.  No it's not your eyes.  It's a blurry picture.  The extreme fanciness of my camera overwhelms me at times.

You guessed it.  Time to spear some pom-poms.

Final step:  Start pom-pom-ing your abode!

I did have that garland on the fireplace swagged (surely I didn't use that correctly...) in the middle, but apparently I need to find a better swagger than scotch tape...
So how 'bout it?  Have I won over any pom-pom skeptics?  Also, yes.  Those flowers on my coffee table are absolutely dead.


  1. I love pom-poms and I love your garland!!!

  2. Superbly adorable. I was thinking I need to make some garlands for our tree next year. . .now I am convinced. They are SOO addicting! BTW, I especially love some of those pictures on your shelves :)

  3. Love it. You always manage to impress me with your creativity and tickle me with your humor...makes your blog a fun read every time.

  4. That is a super fun idea, and along with the tutorial I'm glad to finally know how to spell pom-pom. ;-) Your blog is beautiful, by the way!

    Thanks for linking to Refresh Your Nest Friday, hope you join us again tomorrow!