Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We had a full weekend.  And a full Monday.  So happy Tuesday.

We took a jaunt over to Thomasville, Georgia to see my parents and brother.  My parents actually hail from Tennessee, but they are in evangelism (which means they're traveling nomads) hence, visiting them in GA.  I'll have to expand on that another time.

Here we are at "Victorian Christmas".  We got me, Aaron, Mom and Dad...

I'm glad you asked.  Victorian Christmas is an excuse for the city of Thomasville to eat fried food on a stick.

Not sure of the background of this festive occasion, but some folks really get into it...

We also checked out a local coffee shop called Grassroots Coffee.

It's hard to say, but I believe my husband is mocking my state of glee in this particular photo....

The coffee was roasted there...its was excellent.  The barristas were weird.  The couches were comfy.  And the patrons were worth watching.  All signs point to a Grade A coffee shop.

We hung out for a while.  I was starting to get bored while Anthony was reading a comic book.

 Thomasville is pretty adorable.  You should go sometime.

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  1. Weekend trip to Grassroots Coffee shop? Yes please!