Saturday, July 20, 2013

41 Weeks

We're falling a bit behind in getting these pictures posted!  Busy having a fantastically wonderful summer...lots of travel and things of that nature.  I've got the pictures, though, so I'll be sure to catch you up!  This week's picture was taken at our good friends John and Ashli Bontrager's home in St. Louis, Missouri.  Of course, I bought an adorable 4th of July-esque fabric for this week, but forgot to bring it on our trip.  Ah well...a pack n play pad works.

Silas welcomed his fifth and sixth teeth this week - on the bottom.  I'm thankful he's such an easy-going teether.  I don't really know they're coming until I see them!  He wears a Baltic Amber teething necklace and uses Hyland's natural teething tablets, but who knows...they may do nothing.  Except make me feel better ;)

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