Wednesday, July 31, 2013

45 Weeks

Guys.  I'm caught up on these pictures!  Silas turned 45 weeks yesterday and I'm actually posting it today!  Huzzah!  Maybe now I can actually work on posting something other than my adorable baby's face.  Although, it doesn't get much better, my friends.

I feel like this kid's brain and hair have been growing by leaps and bounds of late.  He signed "please" a few times this week and will pat his head on command.  Sniff.  So proud!  Another first, my husband's co-worker Patrick, fed him his first taste of ice cream (thanks for ruining my kid's life, man), but he actually wasn't thrilled about it.  I'm sure if we'd given him another chance...  He's got too much of his mama in him to stay away from sugar for long!  Aaaaand he also got his first bruise this week!  Right over his cute baby eye.  I won't linger here as the person who is under the impression that she's responsible for his dive from a foot stool, feels terrible...  The first of very very many, I'm sure!  

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