Thursday, July 25, 2013

42 Weeks

Silas celebrated his 42 Weekiversary at my bestie's home in Fort Riley, Kansas.  Her husband recently graduated from law school here in Birmingham and was stationed at Fort Riley this spring.  We could just pause here and discuss the gigantic gaping hole this has caused in my life, buuut we should probably move along.  We surprised Jamie's socks right off by showing up on her doorstep a few weeks ago.  Anthony returned home after a few days (somebody's gotta bring home the bacon around here!) while Silas and I stayed for over a week.  Good times were had.  

This week Si started a teensy bit of army crawling (how appropriate), but still would rather just hang out...totally fine with me.  Immobility = fewer head-long tumbles down stairs and fewer fingers stuck in electrical outlets.

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